If you want your chance to contribute to a more sustainable Winnipeg, please check out our email campaign to encourage City Council to vote ‘YES’ to a city-wide compost collection. The vote is coming up and we need your help!

For the first time since 2016, our city council will vote on whether to approve a ‘green bin’ program for Winnipeg. City Council struck down the vote before, but this project is more critical than ever, as Manitoba’s landfill emissions have risen 3%.

You can show your support by joining our letter writing campaign and sending our pre-written letter to your councillor! Every voice matters and we encourage you to use yours!

Click this link to learn more about the importance of a compost collection system and to add your name:

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Organics collection and composting is a key component of sustainable waste management and climate action.

  • Organics waste left in landfills produces immense amounts of methanea greenhouse gas (GHG) 28-36 times more potent than carbon dioxide
  • Organics account for ~50% of Winnipeg household waste
  • Organic waste-when composteddrastically reduces GHG emissions and becomes a useful and valuable resource
  • Winnipeg is one of the only major cities in Canada without a full-scale food waste collection system


Our city council struck down this opportunity nearly seven years ago, but now times have changed, and this project is more critical than ever before. 

  • 2020 surveys found food waste collection support among 85% of Winnipeggers!

Please take a moment to show City Council your support for a city-wide composting program and a move towards climate action!

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