“We did a Walktober Month and finished with a Walk To School Breakfast today!!! We had 93 Student Walker,  36 Parent/guardian walkers and 10 Siblings!!!!! Outstanding work from RHS… It was a HUGE success again this year!!” Teacher at Ruth Hooker School

Walktober is a month-long event to encourage and celebrate walking, physical activity, and spending time outdoors. More than 30 schools from across Manitoba participated! Through a range of activities and events, these schools demonstrated their commitment to healthy, active lifestyles:
Landmark Elementary School
Southwood School
Oak Bank Elementary
Sunrise School Division
General Wolfe
A.E Wright Community School
Blumenort School
R HG Bonnycastle School
Phoenix School
Whistling Wind School
Pembina Trails School Division
Ruth Hooker School
Ecole Arthur Meighan
Centennial School
Juniper School
Stevenson-Britannia School


David Livingstone School
Elmwood High School
Grosvenor School
Lord Selkirk School
Ecole Sir William Osler
Sisler High School
John de Graff School
McLeod School
St. Germain School
Linwood School
Ste Anne Elementary
Ecole St Avila
Ecole Stanley Knowles
College Beliveau
Aboriginal Community Campus
Queenston School
This is a ‘choose your own adventure’ style event, where schools pick and choose from a variety of activities, events, projects and workshops to create a Walktober that works best for them. The main components of the event include BikeWalkRoll School Travel Surveys, school-wide walks, regular class/group walks, and Walking Wednesdays. This year, we offered new activities as part of our Event Kit, which included the KidMODE design contest, Walktober scavenger hunt, Let Grow Project, and additional promotional materials.



Kick-off Event

Walktober 2019 kicked off on October 2nd with International Walk to School Day. Green Action Centre hosted an outdoor event in partnership with the ModeShift conference and IRCOM. 6 stations gave students an opportunity to learn about urban design, active transportation, and healthy living. These included a snakes and ladders game to explore concepts of traffic calming and road safety, a green screen offering a sustainable transportation photoshoot, art projects to get creative with street design, and a pedal-powered bike blender to talk about the connects between transportation and health.


Over the course of Walktober, schools were offered free photovoice workshops, which is an exercise where students think critically about their school community using photography. It enables participants to give voice to their concerns and share their perspectives by taking photos of their everyday surroundings. Students received cameras and guiding questions, and then were encouraged to independently document their community, particularly areas they feel need attention and/or celebration. Students had the opportunity to shine a light on what they “like” and “don’t like” about their neighbourhood, and the way this impacts transportation and play in their community. 

Eight workshops were facilitated at five schools: A.E. Wright Community School, Stanley Knowles School, Stevenson-Britannia School, Lord Selkirk School, John de Graff School.

“With the KidMode contest and the PhotoVoice project [the students] really started to look at their community differently. They noticed, questioned, and wondered about things that I don’t think they had thought of before. Ex. Pedestrian safety” – Teacher at Stanley Knowles

Photovoice Collage From Stanley Knowles School

Kids Can Move: Bike Blender Presentations

Walktober is about more than walking, it’s about healthy, active lifestyles. The Kids Can Move bike blender presentation teaches students about the unlimited potential of bicycles! Discussing what participants like about cycling, walking, or rolling, what cities and roads looks like around the world, and how to overcome barriers to active and sustainable transportation. Participants had the opportunity to whip up delicious strawberry-banana smoothie for the group using a pedal-powered bike blender. New this year, we offered both adult and kid bike blenders so that participants of all ages and sizes had the opportunity to use the bike blender! 

We attended 7 schools with the Bike Blender presentations, reaching a total of 50 classes at Landmark Elementary School, General Wolfe School, Ecole St Avila, David Livingstone Community School, Elmwood High School, Lord Selkirk, and Sir William Osler School.

Thank you for participating in Walktober 2019

Thank you to the teachers, staff, families, and students who were champions and made Walktober come to life at their school!