We are once again approaching the new year, which means another Jack Frost Challenge is on the way! 

This upcoming February will be Green Action Centre’s thirteenth annual Jack Frost Challenge! During the week of February 11th-17th, participants can walk, roll, ski, skate and run as part of a team or solo to win prizes, get outside and contribute to a more sustainable Manitoba! 

What is Jack Frost Challenge?

Jack Frost Challenge is an annual challenge that requires participants to participate in sustainable, physical activity for one week. The goal of the challenge is to log 130 kms of activity as part of a team, or solo. We encourage folks to participate in leisure activities’ but also incorporate this challenge into their routine by actively and sustainably commuting to work. It is our hope that this event encourages folks to adopt these sustainable habits into their routine over time. Types of activities you can do include:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Shoveling snow
  • Skating
  • Running
  • Rolling
  • Skiing

Activities like Snowmobiling and E-bikes can be great ways to get outside, but do not count for this event. The idea is to leave motor vehicles at home and move your body!

How do I sign up for Jack Frost Challenge?

Signing up is easy if you these steps:

  1. Determine wether you want to register as part of a team or solo 
  2. If you have a team, have one person sign the team up with a unique and fun name 
  3. Once the team has been signed up, all other memebers sign up in the individual portal and select the team you are a part of. The person who signed the team up must sign in through the individual portal as well otherwise they will not be able to log kilometres.

Can my child participate?

Yes! We actually run a separate somewhat smaller event alongside the larger event called Jack Frost for kids. It is specifically for parents and teachers to sign up their kids or students. There are specific kid friendly activities and prizes. Sign up is done through a google form rather than the platform and kilometres are tracked on a spreadsheet. You do have the option to sign your kids up as part of your team however they will have less access to kid friendly prizes.

When will registration open?

Registration will open in early January for both Jack Frost and Jack Frost for kids. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks! 

Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors