There are more than 300 schools using BikeWalkRoll in Manitoba and worldwide!





What is BikeWalkRoll?


BWR is an online tool for 30 second classroom surveys for the purposes of collecting school travel data for Manitoba, in order for us to better understand how students travel to school and make note of Provincial trends. To complete a survey on BikeWalkRoll, simply ask the students in your class how they traveled to school, and record the various modes of transport. This can be conducted through a simple hands up survey, or any other method that you may find easier. Each survey contributes to your school’s BikeWalkRoll score, which is an average rate of all the active modes combined (walking, cycling, and rolling). Each schools is populated on the map with this score, which fosters conversation and friendly competition with schools in your area.

Help us study the transportation landscape of Manitoban students by conducting one classroom survey during our Province Wide Counts 3 in October, February, and May. This is a continuation of our two year pilot research project funded by the Heart & Stroke Foundation.