A Loan-a-lock Program is hosted in a school, where the school owns a set of bike locks that are available for students to sign-out and use for a day. A staff member at the school is responsible for administrating the program, whether it’s out of the office or gym, which is as simple as keeping a log for students to sign in and out the bike locks and keys. Best practice would be to provide u-locks with cables, and ensure that someone is on hand to help student lock their bike properly. Bike theft deters many families from allowing their children to bike to school. By offering a set of quality bike locks on-site, complemented with education on how to lock their bikes properly, schools can increase the number of students that are biking to school. It also helps students out who may have forgotten their bike lock, are having issues with the one they own, or don’t have access to one at all.

Loan-a-lock Program Resource Package:

We are excited to have been able to offer this program to 15 schools for FREE this school year (2019), thanks to the IG Wealth Management Community Projects Fund. Keep your eyes open for a summary blog to see how it went!