GoManitoba is a powerful province-wide commuting tool that uses software specially designed to connect like-minded people to share their commutes, saving time, money and reducing congestion. This free tool is not just for finding carpool partners! Read below to see all of the great features accessible to anyone in Manitoba. Even if you already embrace healthy commuting, you will find many features GoManitoba that can benefit you and improve sustainable commuting overall in our province.

Win Prizes

Green Action Centre, along with partner workplaces, will be offering prizes and rewards to users of the site on a regular basis. Just by logging your trips, you’ll be entered to win. Additionally, the first 5,000 to register and confirm  are entered to win even more prizes as we build up our user base. Register today at GoManitoba.ca!


Become a Mentor

A great feature of this app is the opportunity to match experienced bike, walk and bus commuters to those who are interested in these modes, but nervous about the logistics. By creating Trip Profiles for your regular trips, and indicating if you’d like to be a mentor, you can be contacted by those in your area who’d like to learn the cycling routes and rules of the road, or transit tips. We’ll be offering special prizes for Mentors throughout the year, so more chances for you to win while helping more people move towards sustainable, healthy transportation!


Be Counted

Workplaces that sign on to have their own customized subsite are keenly interested in learning how their employees are commuting to their workplace, campus, or within their region each day. This data will inform decisions on workplace policies, infrastructure improvements and resources for healthy, sustainable transport. At Green Action Centre, we’ll be able to learn more about commuting across the province, helping us to see where the gaps are and to advocate for change. Log your trips, reach out to other users and make use of the trip profiles to be counted.


Track Your Data

GoManitoba uses your commuting data to provide you with calories burned, dollars saved and your impact on GHGs. Check out our blog here to see how to track your travel using the app. Your numbers might surprise you! 


Single Trip Matching

We know that you just can’t get everywhere or do everything in Manitoba without having to drive sometimes. If you need to drive to a festival, another community or to a show, GoManitoba lets you register that trip ahead of time. You can note if you are driving or if you are looking for a ride. 

Register today for GoManitoba!

Available on your desktop at www.GoManitoba.ca and as an app on both apple & android smartphones. 


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