Take part in GO In The Snow for a chance to win great prizes! GoManitoba gives you the chance to try the right travel options for you.


Have you resolved to be more healthy and sustainable in 2024? Finding new ways to travel for some of your trips is a great way to cut your emissions, make new friends and be more active! Remember, even a trip on the bus involves a walk to and from the stop, and folks who carpool tend to get more daily activity (think walking for lunch instead of driving). If better health is part of your resolutions, this is a fantastic way to up your activity without the gym membership.

During the month of January all of your trips, be they for work, school, errands or recreation, will earn you points. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win. Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to take part!


Participate in GO In The Snow and you will be entered to win the following prizes. The more trips you log, the more chances you’ll have to win! We’ll be entering prizes as they roll in, so keep checking back for more details!

More prizes are rolling in, keep checking back for details!

Take Part

GO In The Snow is open to all GoManitoba members. Have you signed up for your FREE account on our new platform? Join today! Simply go to gomb.ca and sign up! Any trips you log in the month of January will automatically enter you to win!

Were you part of the previous GoManitoba platform? If you were active on the old site within the last year, you can unlock your account by using the same email address to sign up for the new site!

Spread The Word

GO In The Snow is open to all Manitobans! You can help spread the word by talking about GoManitoba with your family, friends and colleagues, and posting about it on your social media. You can also print and hang posters in your community!

An image of an avalanche of snow, with cartoon images of a person in a wheelchair, a full carpool and a woman on a bike racing down a hill. The title on poster is: Go In The Snow, January 2024, gomb.ca. On the footer are logos of organizations. The instructions read: GoManitoba is a FREE tool to help all Manitobans get from A to B. In January, log your carpool, bus, bike or walk trips to earn points. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to WIN great prizes like a $200 grocery gift card!