peggo02Peggo – Winnipeg Transit’s long awaited electronic, reloadable fare card – is finally here!

The peggo card replaces paper tickets, paper transfers, and paper passes. Peggo cards can be purchased at any of these locations, or at a 7-Eleven or Shoppers Drug Mart. The cards cost $5 to purchase, however if you pick yours up soon, you can get that $5 back in e-cash. Everyone aged 6 and up who hops on the bus, even occasionally, will soon need to either pay with a peggo card or pay by cash.

You can load your card with either e-cash or an e-pass. There are a wide variety of passes now available to load, from a 24 hour pass to an annual pass. You can load your card in-person at the above locations, online or by phone. Careful, though. It can take up to 48 hours for fares loaded online or by phone to become ‘active’ on your card.

And those paper transfers will soon be a thing of the past. You will still get a 75-minute transfer with your electronic card, it will now be automatically encoded on your card.

One final exciting feature to report – if you register your card online or at a transit customer service centre, then happen to lose your card, the value that was still available on your card can now be transferred to a new card. No more worrying about losing your monthly bus pass on the second day of the month!

Have you purchased a peggo card yet? Did you find it easy to load and use?