The 2021 Commuter Challenge looked different than most years, with so many Manitobans working from home and telecommuting, we adapted the Challenge to reach even more Manitobans by including ALL sustainable trips. We also recognize not everyone has the opportunity to work from home. For this reason, we wanted to take this time to share the stories of essential workers and how they get around.

Caroline (she/her)

Caroline is the manager of the Dairy department at Sobeys. She frequently uses the bus to get to and from work, as well as to other places in the city.

Adele (she/her)

Adele is an Educational Assistant. She uses enjoys walking to get around the downtown Winnipeg, and frequently buses to travel farther distances.

Randy (she/her)

Randy is currently working as a 911 Operator and enjoys walking to and from work, as an important part of taking care of her mental health.

Kat (they/them)

Kat is a teacher and an avid cyclist. For over a decade, Kat would cycle everywhere, every day, but because of a recent change in their job’s location, has begun to carpool. Kat’s experience cycling provides an insightful perspective on the roads of Winnipeg.

Camille (she/her)

Camille is a teacher and avid cyclist & runner. She started running to maintain her physical health and has since seen the environmental benefits that small changes in her regular commutes can make.

Thank you to all essential workers for the hours they’ve put in to help our community during these difficult times. If you or someone you know are an essential worker with a story to share, please contact