The 5th annual Clean Air Day was June 3, 2020, and kids and students celebrated at their homes across Manitoba and Ontario. Clean Air Day highlights the importance of clean air, and explore connections between transportation, air pollution and human health.

Green Action Centre’s Active and Safe Route to School created an innovative at-home program, to offer an opportunity for families and kids doing school from home to share the positive spirit and fun of Clean Air Day. Students got outside to learn and play, with a range of activities curated to get kids active, learn about air quality and pollution, and to understand how our behaviour and choices impact environmental and human health. 

Three months into the global lockdown, this was an opportunity to celebrate something positive and take a break from daily routines. Clean air is something to celebrate during the COVID-19 era – cities around the world are seeing the cleanest air in decades as a result of the lockdown; air pollutants have reduced by up to 60%. Read more about the incredible benefits of less travel and factory activity for the environment and public health. 

Participation was a new all-time high for the event. With 182 registrants, there were a total of 5042 kids and 552 adults and teachers that participated in the event.

A wonderful addition to environmental teaching themes in the classroom especially during this time of distance learning where we can all individually access lessons and activities while collectively sharing an experience.”

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What was in the Activity Kit? 

    • Clean Air Day Pledge
    • Bubble-ology: The Science of Bubbles
    • Zoom-ba: Live Zumba for Kids
    • Hit the Road: Stroll or Roll
    • Play Zone: Run, Jump, Romp
    • Clean Air Game: Keep your air clean
    • Local Food = Clean Air
    • Spring Scavenger Hunt
    • Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE
    • Air Quality and Pollution: Understanding Clean Air
    • Having a Hoot: Keeping birds safe


Favourites were the Spring Scavenger Hunt, Bubble-ology, and the Clean Air Day Pledge. Interested in the kit or doing some of the activities now?

We’re happy to share the resources with you! Shoot me an email at 


“[The activities] were a great way to get to be able to go outside and have fun! They weather was really nice and finding things for the scavenger hunt was also super fun.

Major thanks to event partners, Climate Change Connection, Fort WhyteAlive, Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Recycle Everywhere, and Zumba Fitness with Hazel! Your support meant that there was a wide range of activities for students, teachers, and parents to do.

Congratulations to our winners!

Participation Prize Draw:

  • Munroe Middle School Class 6B
  • Ms Bonham’s class at Angus McKay School
  • The Eori Family

Clean Air Day Photo Challenge:

A special shout-out to The Gaden Family
They made an incredible obstacle course, pictured at the top of the blog. Check out the full setup in this video, posted on Youtube.