Pamela Whaley and Chelsea Hansen save a ton of money carpooling to work together from Selkirk to Winnipeg. At two hours commuting each day, they figure they save about $50-60 per week. That adds up to saving $10,000 over a year!

But even better, they enjoy the fun of sharing the ride.

“We have so much fun carpooling! It gives us some time to de-compress after work and talk about anything on our minds, so that when we get home we’re ready to relax.”

“Driving is stressful and can drain your energy but if you have a fun person in the car with you, it’s uplifting and fun!”

In particular, they find it easier in winter to have a carpool buddy. “Having a friendly face to look forward to makes the cold, dark drive a whole lot easier.”

To ensure all goes smoothly, these provincial employees text each morning to confirm they are on schedule. And while they generally split driving responsibilities and whose vehicle is used, they are flexible on a weekly basis.

Pam and Chelsea offer more insights from their experience:

  • Carpooling helps you to get to work and leave work on time regularly, which ends up giving you more time in the evenings.
  • Share your preferences when choosing a carpool partner – for example, if you have to leave by a certain time for a class, the gym or another appointment or if you don’t like talking in the morning till you’ve had your coffee.
  • Good communication is important, such as when your day is running a little late due to a meeting.
  • On those occasional days when one of you has an appointment or have to work into the evening, you can drive separately.

Are you interested in finding a carpool partner? Learn more about GoManitoba, a program that brings the RideShark technology to Manitoba!