Want to ride your bike to work (or anywhere) but you’re worried if it will work for you? You’re not alone. There are many reasons why people who would like to ride have not yet turned that into action. Let’s look at the great reasons why riding your bike to work and other places is a great decision and how to make it happen for you.

Here are 7 reasons why to ride your bike instead of driving to work. Commuting by bike isn’t only for the spandex clad or daredevils – it’s for you too!

  1. Put some extra cash in your wallet

Save those parking fees and the high cost of driving your car. (Haven’t you always wanted to qualify for “Pleasure Insurance?”) Most of us already have a bike and you don’t need a fancy, expensive bike for everyday riding. If you don’t have one, the initial cost of a decent bike (not one of those from the big box stores) will be quickly paid back in just one summer of riding. A less expensive option is to connect with one of the many Community Bike Shops in Winnipeg and either build your own bike or maybe pick up a reconditioned bike for a significantly less than a new bike.

  1. Ride yourself into shape

Most of us wish we were in better physical shape and riding a bike can get you there. You don’t have to be in shape before you ride a bike – you can ride yourself into shape. No need to break a land speed record, just pedal at your comfort level. Too far for you? Pack your bike in your car and drive a portion of the distance. Park on the street where it is free and ride the rest of the way. Before you know it, you will be leaving the car at home and riding the whole way.

  1. Forget about traffic and conforming to schedules

Riding a bike means avoiding traffic headaches and not having to conform to transit schedules. In many cases, riding a bike will actually be faster as well. Sure you can suffer the occasional flat tire or other issue with your bike, but that can happen with your car as well. And remember that a flat bike tire does not mean a trip to Canadian Tire. With a little knowledge and practice you can change a flat tire pretty quickly and easily.

  1. Get happier (and healthier) riding a bike

We all know that riding your bike can make you healthier but in fact it makes you happier too! Just think, no traffic snarls, nobody to annoy you, just you and the road ahead. Turn all that commuting frustration into pure pleasure while you energize for your day or wind down at the end of it. Arrive at work and at home relaxed and ready go.

  1. Avoid the gym

Many of us have trouble trying to fit in a workout at the gym. Biking to work can easily become the equivalent of heading off to the gym and it won’t cut into all those other activities that you want to enjoy. Plus you’ll save money again on not needing that gym membership!

  1. Enjoy the outdoors

Riding a bike gives you freedom and allows you to connect with everything around you. Not trapped inside tons of steel and glass, you can connect with the sounds, the smells (not just car exhaust), and the people that you interact with along your ride. Riding adds a fun to your workday!

  1. Be the change

Riding your bike to work instead of driving can help change the culture at your workplace and your city as well. It can encourage your employer to be more bike friendly and show elected officials that people want to ride their bikes thereby justifying investment in better bicycle infrastructure. There is a multitude of research showing there is safety in numbers, so join the numbers and help make riding a bike safer for all.

So you see there are lots of great reasons to use your bike to get to work. You may be thinking about some of the barriers that have kept you from riding and so we have some advice there too. Check out our “7 barriers to cycling and how to get past them.” Or maybe you simply need to get your bike ready to ride.