This holiday season, it’s more important than ever to think of small businesses when shopping for presents. Of course, it’s tempting to scroll through online catalogues of popular chain stores that have flashy deals and international shipping. These large corporations’ revenues have spiked through this year’s sharp rise in online shopping, and they continue to leave a huge carbon footprint in their wake. 

It’s a hard time for small businesses, many have just entered the online and delivery world in an attempt to keep their business alive in these times, all while adhering to protocols to keep themselves, their employees, and their community safe. 

It feels good to know that you’re contributing to someone’s wellbeing during uncertain times; shopping local is a win-win! We all have the ability to support our community with the spending choices we make — and each sale means the world to small business owners, their families, and their community.

Supporting local might cost a little more than buying from large retail stores, but the environmental costs are much lower. Instead of buying a product that’s travelled through many parts of the world before ending up in your hands, you can purchase one with a much smaller carbon footprint that was made close to home. Supporting local means lower carbon emissions, less waste, higher quality products, and the money goes back into the business to help give it the means to stay open during these times and succeed in the future. This keeps money circulating in the local economy instead of helping the rich get richer. When purchasing gifts this holiday season, think about the people you are supporting.

We’ve compiled a list of local businesses to keep in mind this holiday season. By supporting local you are supporting your community, lowering your carbon footprint, and contributing to someone’s livelihood. Be sure to check out these awesome local businesses doing their part to think of the community, and the environment.

Don’t forget about your friends on Instagram and Facebook! There are so many creative local artisans using social media to showcase their work! Many offer contactless pickup, and/or delivery! Check out some of these accounts and see what their passion projects are all about!

Since the province entered Code Red, many local businesses have had to cut back or stop operations altogether. Supporting service-based businesses in these uncertain times can help give them the means to open their doors again on a high note, once it’s safe to do so. Consider gifting someone a gift card to their favourite local restaurant, a membership they’ve been talking about, or donate to their favourite charity. It’s a great way to reduce waste this holiday season!

Other ways to support local

When it comes to supporting a local business, there are many ways you can do so for FREE. Follow them on social media! Share and interact with their posts to help them reach a wider audience of people who might be interested in their products!

For more eco-friendly holiday tips, check out our guide on Sustainable Gift Giving.

Love to support local? Let us your favourite local businesses in the comments!