We Need Your Support this Holiday Season!



Greetings friends,

During the fun and festive holiday season, we encourage you to consider sustainable gifts like crafting and DIY, experiences, e-cards, ethically sourced gifts, or a charitable donation to your favourite cause so you can lessen the impact and cost of the holidays while still filling it with joy and celebration.

But with life returning to busy social events and gatherings, it makes you wonder if we will still feel the urgent need to respond collectively to the threats of climate change, just as we did for the COVID-19 emergency. At Green Action Centre, we believe the answer is yes, and we think you do as well, based on your interest in Green Action Centre’s work and your subscription to our living green e-newsletter.

We truly appreciate that interest – thank you. Now, at this time of great urgency, we ask you to please make a special holiday gift today so we can continue to educate, engage, and facilitate action to mitigate the effects of climate change. With your investment we can increase green activities that make a difference in 2023, including growing the use of our GoManitoba rideshare app, which helps lower transportation emissions, diverting more organics from the landfill with our Compost Winnipeg organics collection service, supporting Manitoba First Nation communities to reduce and safely divert waste, and assisting businesses and organizations through sustainability audits that result in greener practices and  operations.

Financial support from people like you helped us to expand the Bicycle Education and Skills Training (BEST) program to two new school divisions, and organize a special event featuring Charles Marohn from Strong Towns to share a new approach to making our transportation system more sustainable. We have also begun to focus on increasing composting at multi-family residential buildings and Compost Winnipeg held its 2nd annual Pumpkin Drop, keeping 33,555 kilograms of pumpkins (yes, we weighed them!) out of the landfill on top of the 3.7 million kilograms of organic waste that our social enterprise has already diverted since it began operations.

In addition, we were able to team up with the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM) to support a growing newcomer population in Winnipeg to live sustainably through the sharing of knowledge, tools and skills that engage newcomers in climate action. In Manitoba First Nation communities, with the help of teachers and Elders, we created a youth activity book focused on reducing waste called Protecting Mother Earth for the Next Seven Generations. The activity book is so popular that a school division is considering a bulk order!

Together, with your generosity, we can accomplish so much more. Green Action Centre will continue to work tirelessly as your Green Living hub, influencing policy and encouraging all Manitobans to take action towards sustainable commuting, composting and waste reduction, and resource conservation. Please make a special year end gift today. If you have already donated, thank you.

To receive a charitable deduction for your 2022 tax return, please make your special year end tax deductible gift by December 31, 2022. As a registered charity, we will send you a charitable tax receipt and our sincere thanks. Every gift counts, no matter the size!

On behalf of all of us at Green Action Centre, I wish you the best as we enter the season of giving and celebration.

With appreciation,

Beth McKechnie
Interim Executive Director
Green Action Centre

P.S. If you are able, we encourage you to become a monthly donor to help provide us with consistent monthly revenue to engage more Manitobans in taking practical green solutions.