Welcome 2023 by adding some green to you New Year’s resolutions!

Sick of new year, new me? Try something green! 

Stuck for ideas for your New Year’s resolutions? Here are some suggestions to start 2023 off on a green note. We’ve got ideas for your home, your commute and your routine. Try one or try them all! 

  • Start learning and planning to set up a compost bin in your backyard this spring for household biodegradables such as eggshells, fruit and vegetable scraps, and garden waste
  • Commit to riding your bike, walking or taking the bus once (or more) a week to your job or school 
  • Try winter biking! Check out our blog on winter cycling 101 here! 
  • Keep 1-2 reusable tote bags ready for your grocery shopping instead of using paper or plastic
  • Hold a clothing swap with friends or family in lieu of buying new
  • Commit to smaller more frequent grocery trips to avoid food going to waste
  • Join GoManitoba.ca and encourage two friends to join up with you
  • Put together or join a Jack Frost team! Learn more here! 
  • Make “clean out your fridge or freezer” meals by using up ingredients before they go bad.
  • Visit a farmers market in the spring and summer for some local fruits, vegetables, meats and breads! Jardin Saint Leon, Saint Norbert Farmers Market and Wolseley farmers market are great options. No need to wait till spring for local vegetables, meat and more – check out the Fireweed Food Hub


Let us know in the comments if you plan to try any of these resolutions. Happy New Year!