Poster made by FNWM put up in community center.

On May 2nd, Pathfinders travelled to Waywayseecappo First Nation for the first time, in order to do some community engagement work and school presentations. The visit presented an opportunity to check out their site infrastructure, connect with their Recycling Coordinator and assess community readiness to pursue diversion opportunities with PROs.

Example of a 4Rs Bingo card.

Our team hosted a 4R Bingo event, which is recycling themed and uses different recyclable materials (as well as green tips) in place of traditional bingo numbers. The purpose of the bingo is to begin to educate community members about recycling and support the development of proper waste management in the community. Our team began working with Waywayseecappo this past winter, and we were thrilled to be able to go out and visit the community!

Diverted tires at the dump site.

Pathfinders split into two teams for the day. One team helped out at the dump site with the community’s Recycling Coordinator where they assisted with setting up perimeter fencing around the site. The other team headed off to the school where they presented our Youth Activity Book and taught the 7Rs to each of the classrooms. One of the teachers runs an ad-hoc recycling program out of the school, allowing the students an opportunity to practise recycling. The students were great listeners and very keen on the subjects presented in the book!

Recycling posters made by students for Earth Month.

The Bingo event took place in the evening, starting at 5:00PM. Soup, sandwiches, coffee, and tea were served to community members while Pathfinders presented about the program. The Recycling Coordinator also got a chance to speak to community members about the dump site, work they’ve done, and plans for the future. The bingo itself started just after 6:00PM. There were about 40 people in attendance, most of which were parents/family of the students we presented to.

Community members lining up for soup and bingo cards.

FNWM would like to thank the community of Waywayseecappo for their hospitality and engagement. We also would like to thank the recycling coordinator Tim for his help with the event. We look forward to returning again and continuing to support their work in recycling and waste management!