On August 11th, 2022, members of the FNWM team travelled to Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre located just outside of Beausejour, Manitoba, for the Mamawe Ota Askihk event where participants from across the country have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various traditional land-based activities.

The FNWM team offered to do our screen-printing activity during the last day of the week’s activities. On the morning of the activity, the FNWM team helped pick tobacco from their garden & cleaned the leaves in the nearby river, socialized, drank coffee, and ate a delicious lunch before setting our screen-printing table up.

The activity was a major success!! Participants were able to choose from 5 different Indigenous designs made by Isaac Murdock and Christi Belcourt (Onaman Collective). Next, our team showed them how-to screen print their design onto a reusable canvas bag or onto a piece of clothing item they brought from home such as a t-shirt or sweater. Each item was hung up to dry before it was taken home. The Thunderbird Woman turned out to be a crowd favourite!

The FNWM team would like to thank the organizers of Mamawe Ota Askihk for inviting our team to this wonderful event and we hope to see you next year!