Tânisi, Boozhoo, Taanshi, Hello,

The First Nation Waste Minimization (FNWM) team is excited to announce our 2023 RISE Webinar series. This year’s webinar series will look different from previous years. Instead of the 6 consecutive weeks of webinars we will now have them spread throughout the school year. 


Our first webinar of the series will be on June 21st, taking a break during the summer months and starting back up in September. The topic will be the transition from a focus on recycling to waste diversion. FNWM’s own Amy Smith will be leading the session talking about this transition and some of the initiatives happening right now in First Nation communities. She will be looking at the current state of waste management and how it’s evolved in the last 5-10 years. The webinar will also focus on current diversion initiatives and waste management in First Nation communities.


Below is a registration for the webinar:


Kinanâskomitinâwâw, Miigwetch, Maarsi, Thank you,