On Oct 11, 2022, staff from our First Nations Waste Minimization (FNWM) program were pleased to partner with MARR to deliver a pre-conference waste management workshop for Manitoba First Nation communities, as part of the annual Manitoba Association of Regional Recyclers Forum. Our Community Pathfinders and Outreach Coordinator provided two presentations: Solomon’s Dream – A History of Waste Management in St. Theresa Point First Nation, and a general overview of the services and resources available through our FNWM program.

The tribute to Solomon Mason summarized and celebrated his efforts as waste management director in St. Theresa Point over the last 10 years. Using the documents provided, Community Pathfinder Jordan Guiboche created a presentation highlighting the milestones, strategies, successes, and challenges encountered by Solomon. Community Pathfinder Amy Smith and Outreach Coordinator Chantel Henderson presented on our First Nations Waste Minimization program, sharing how we support Manitoba First Nations in waste reduction through school presentations, webinars, community engagement, youth activity books and the various resources we offer on our website.

The event was a great success, with many of the First Nation communities expressing appreciation and a revitalized sense of importance for the work they do. The inclusion of IZWTAG (Indigenous Zero Waste Technical Advisory Group) among the presenters also laid bare the need for an organizational body dedicated to waste management in remote First Nations here in Manitoba.

You can check out the list of presenters and presentations from this pre-conference workshop here.