Compost Winnipeg is thrilled to announce the arrival of its new and improved website!

Here are a few of the updates we want to highlight…

Our Story

Compost Winnipeg traces its origins to 2014, when Green Action Centre began exploring the possibility of starting its own social enterprise with the goal of raising revenue for its programming, while at the same time furthering its mandate to reduce waste and address climate change…

Want to learn more about where we started, how we have grown, and where we’re headed?

Our Guide

Our compost guide provides detailed instructions on what goes in, and what stays out, of our compost collection bins. By processing organic waste at an industrial scale composting site, we are able to accept a much wider range of materials than the typical backyard compost.

Preview our compost guide online or download a copy to post near your bin!

Our FAQs

One of the things people love about Compost Winnipeg is the effort we put into making our clients feel heard, supported, and informed throughout the process. Our FAQs have been carefully crafted to cover just about every important question about our service.

Got a question? Find it in our FAQs!

Our Service

We offer unmatched expertise and client support to help you start diverting organic waste from the landfill. Whether you are seeking service for your home, event, office, condo, school, grocery store or shopping centre, we have a collection service to meet your needs.

Start diverting over 40% of your waste from the landfill today!