Be a food waste warrior! Wherever you go, there is an opportunity to help reduce food waste. We know that families currently waste about 1/4 of the food they eat. We also know we have the power to change this. Here are some hands on things you can try to at home and the grocery store.


Save food from being wasted right at the grocery store by using apps like Flashfood. This app finds food at the grocery store that is closer to it’s best before date, and sells them on a discount. You save money, and rescue food from the landfill!

Also, make sure to check the clearance bins. There may be an item on there that you can use right away and get a discount. Some grocery stores also sell imperfect fruits and veggies. As grocery shoppers, by buying these items, you’re saving even more food from the landfill.


At home, keep a list on the fridge of food that is nearing its best before date. Either use this list to know which items to buy less of in the grocery store next time, or type in the food item into Love Food Hate Waste’s leftover food recipe bank to use it up and make something delicious!

Use our handy guides to decide where to place things in your fridge so they last longer. Check out the refrigerator storage guide and crisper drawer guide

Not sure if that food sitting in your fridge is still good? Nervous to try it? There’s a site for that! StillTasty allows you to look up any food/drink to see if it’s still safe to eat. It also offers some great tips on how to properly store food items to make sure they last as long as possible.

ACTIVITY: Reorganize your fridge!

Use the Refrigerator Storage 101 and Crisper Drawer Guide to put things in the right place 🙂



Have food that’s moldy or past it’s use? Compost it!

Spring is a great time to start a compost bin, and we have all the resources to help you do it. Visit our website here for everything composting.

Can’t compost at home? This website, called Share Waste, can connect you with folks who are accepting compost near you. Just drop off your food scraps, and they do the rest.

Lastly, you can reduce waste by re-growing some of your vegetable scraps. It’s easy to regrow lettuce, celery, green onions, potatoes and many more! Learn more about it here

Whatever you try, even doing one or two of these can make a big difference. If you have food waste reduction tips of your own, please share them by commenting below.