Composting Celebrations!

While compost is something we should celebrate year-round, twice a year we come together to really highlight how beautiful this natural process is!

In the second week of May every year, we celebrate International Compost Awareness Week.

In the third week of October, we celebrate Waste Reduction Week. Although Manitoba’s celebration is not formally affiliated with the national observation of this week, we all support the same goals of first to reduce, and then to reuse, and last to recycle!

Green Action Centre hosts various workshops, presentations, and events in and around these two weeks every year. Watch our events page and social media for updates!

Do you want to celebrate ICAW or WRW with an event of your own with your school, workplace, church, or community group? Follow the links above for ideas, or consider something from this list:

Ditch the plastic bag, eat the bananas before they go brown, and compost the peel!

  • Hold a movie night with a film like Dive!; Wasted; A Plastic Planet; Dirt: the movie; Taste the Waste; Just Eat It; and more. Make sure your snacks are as zero-waste as you can – asking people to BYO cup is a great step.
  • Host a zero-waste party or meal! Can you find food with no packaging? Use up soggy fruits & veg? Finish off leftovers? Check out for the Guestimator as well as recipes for using up food scraps.
  • Challenge yourself and a few friends to do a zero waste challenge. Check out Plastic Free July, do a search for zero waste blogs online, or do this food waste reduction challenge.
  • If you’re a teacher, encourage your students to contribute to the poster contest for ICAW! Note that this is on the international/American site for ICAW, while the Compost Council of Canada website linked above hosts more local information. However, the poster contest is open to students from all countries. The contest opens on Sept 1.
  • Want to run a school/classroom event or do a lesson relevant to composting? Check out this list from the international ICAW page, or check out our school services & presentations.