That’s right, the Commuter Challenge is back for another year! But, the Challenge isn’t just about commuting, we want you to Love ALL Your Trips no matter where they take you!

June 5 may seem far away (especially since it still feels and looks like winter!), but we promise you, it is FAST approaching.
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What is the Challenge About?

Canadians celebrate National Environment Week by participating in the well-known Commuter Challenge event. This challenge encourages participants to choose sustainable modes of travel, such as; walking, running, wheeling, cycling, busing, telecommuting, and/or carpooling. These sustainable options provide the opportunity to build new healthy habits, and try out new ways of getting around. Doing this will not only make a positive impact on your personal health but also to the environment by cutting air pollution, reducing traffic congestion, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The upcoming Challenge is taking place June 5 – 11, 2022. Mark your calendar!

What’s happening this Year?

The Commuter Challenge has been running for 31 years now! As always we still want you to focus on how you commute, but we also understand that people move around their city for all sorts of reasons. Whether it be to go shopping, out to the park, or simply just going for a walk during lunch or in the evening, we want to recognize all of your trips when they are done sustainably! So no matter where you are going or what you are doing, if you move with any active or sustainable modes of transport, you can log the distances and earn points to win!

We also are planning some exciting events for you to attend throughout the week. However we will be providing some virtual activities you can take part in to help you get those activities in no matter how you want to celebrate the during the Challenge week.

How can you participate?

Entire workplaces, employees, friends, families and individuals may register for this FREE challenge at To participate, registered individuals choose sustainable modes of travel throughout the week and log their kilometres online to contribute towards their workplace totals. Numerous prizes are available for individual and team participants and awards are available for workplaces with the highest participation percentages.

Why Should You Participate in the Commuter Challenge?

There are so many reasons thousands of participants take part in the Challenge each year. The event is free, fun, and gives participants the chance to win fantastic prizes from local businesses. It also provides some friendly competition with other cities, communities, workplaces, and offices.

At the end of the challenge, you will notice healthier employees, boosted morale, higher productivity, less air pollution, reduced traffic congestion, and a lessened need for parking facilities around the city. Those who take part in the challenge feel healthier, happier, and proud of their sustainable actions!

We hope that the Challenge can help to you to reconnect with colleagues, friends and family and keep the conversation going about sustainable and active travel.

Ready to Take on the Challenge? 

All you have to do is get registered, remember, it’s FREE!

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