It’s what you’ve all been waiting for… Jack Frost Challenge | Bougeons en Hiver registration is FINALLY open! The challenge begins February 3rd, 2019, so you had better get your team and yourself registered right away.

Let’s get registered. 

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Step 1: Register your Team

Select one team member to register the team name.

The team name must be registered before any individual can register themselves.

Funny and creative names are encouraged! One witty team will win a prize for ‘Best Team Name‘, which will be determined by popular vote after the challenge.

Teams are made up of 1-5 persons. However, if you’d like to register your whole office, classroom, or sports team, feel free to make a larger team [please note: only teams with 1-5 persons will qualify for the ‘Most Kilometres Team‘ prize]. When inputting the number of team members you will have, be aware that you will not be able to change this after it is submitted. Refer to our FAQ page for more info.

After you have registered your team name and registered yourself as an individual (details below), visit your profile to access a quick link that can be sent to your team members for easy registration. If you can’t find that link, your team members can select the team name from a drop-down menu when registering.

Register your Team

Step 2: Register Yourself

If you’re flying solo, you can register under ‘Individual/Unaffiliated‘ for the team selection.

Or, you can give yourself a team name so that you will be able to recruit team members throughout the week. If you choose to register yourself under a team name, it must be registered before you are able to sign up individually (as outlined above).

If you’re joining your team, you can access your team profile through a link provided by your team members or select your team name from the drop-down menu. To view your team in the drop-down menu, ensure you are selecting the city/town that your team would have been registered under.

Register Yourself

Step 3: Already Registered for the 2019 Challenge?

Go directly to the Login Page. You can bookmark the login page for easy access to log your KM’s throughout the week.


If you run into any problems with registration, be sure to reach out to Nicole, our Sustainable Transportation Project Coordinator, at