This year, we had a very different kind of Commuter Challenge, with many commutes being eliminated entirely or changed dramatically. We recognize and appreciate all Manitobans who played a role in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 by adapting their commutes in accordance with health guidelines

With all things considered, we are very pleased that so many Manitobans took on the Commuter Challenge, ensuring that sustainable mobility remained top of mind within their workplaces. This year, nearly 3,000 Canadians registered for the annual Commuter Challenge, with 2,868 of them being Manitobans

Thank you to everyone who took on the challenge and helped to make our province a little greener. 


This year, 296 workplaces and 2,868 people registered for the Commuter Challenge across the province. Together, Manitobans travelled 296,239 kilometres, which helped to avoid 62,263 Kgs of CO2 emissions from being added to the atmosphere! 

Our impressive numbers contributed to Manitoba being awarded as the Top Province in Canada for the sixteenth year in a row.

To see how we compare to other Canadians cities and provinces, see the detailed results on the national Commuter Challenge website.

City Results

City Award Categories are determined by population. Cities can win by achieving the highest % of participation in their population size category. See full City Results here

500,000 – 1,000,000 Population Category

Gold: Winnipeg with 0.35171%

Silver: Vancouver with 0.00464%

Bronze: Edmonton with 0.00041%

25,000 – 50,000 Population Category

Gold: Brandon with 0.01303%

10,000 – 25,000 Population Category

Gold: Thompson with 0.2647%

Silver: Portage la Prairie with 0.01544%

5,000 – 10,000 Population Category

Gold: Selkirk with 0.17611%

Silver: Morden with 0.01564%

Bronze: Dauphin with 0.01188%

0 – 5,000 Population Category

Gold: Gimli with 0.04978%

Silver: Killarney with 0.04234%

Bronze: Beausejour with 0.03465%

Workplace Results

Workplace Award Categories are determined by the total number of employees. Workplaces win by achieving the highest % of participation in their size category. See full Workplace Results here

1-19 Employees at 100%

  • Bike Week Winnipeg
  • 17 Wing CFMWS
  • 6279040 Canada Inc.
  • Emerge Knowledge Design Inc.
  • Great Plains Publications
  • Sustainable Building Manitoba
  • ISMT-Micro Cybernetics
  • Kirby Design
  • Living Prairie Museum
  • Manitoba Council for International Cooperation
  • Narratives
  • Pico Architecture
  • Parks Canada (Churchill)

20-49 Employees

Gold: Parks Canada with 100% participation

Silver: Epp Siepman Engineering with 80% participation

Bronze: University of Manitoba’s Students’ Union with 54.55% participation

50-99 Employees

Gold: Opportunities for Employment Inc with 100% participation

Silver: Crosier Kilgour and Partners with 57.5% participation

Bronze: The Manitoba Museum with 48.08% participation

100-199 Employees

Gold: Assiniboine Park Conservancy with 28.49% participation

Silver: Taylor McCaffrey LLP with 26.15% participation

Bronze: Women’s Health Clinic with 11.86% participation

200-499 Employees

Gold: Assiniboine Credit Union with 20.75% participation

Silver: Freshwater Institute with 15% participation

Bronze: MNP with 11% participation

500-999 Employees

Gold: Digital Health, Shared Health with 15.16% participation

Silver: Red River College with 12.13% participation

Bronze: Vita Health Products Inc. with 3.5% participation

1,000-2,999 Employees

Gold: Canada Life – Canada Vie with 7.1% participation

Silver: IG Wealth Management with 6.33% participation

Bronze: The University of Winnipeg with 3.62% participation

3,000+ Employees

Gold: Manitoba Hydro with 3.55% participation

Silver: City of Winnipeg with 2.99% participation

Bronze: Province of Manitoba with 1.75% participation

Prize Winners

Grand Prize

Prize #1: FREE Bus Pass for a Year with Winnipeg Transit ($1,000 value) 

Winner: Shelley from Assiniboine Credit Union

Early Bird Prizes

  1. $10 Gift Card to Fools & Horses
  2. $10 Gift Card to Parlour Coffee
  3. $10 Gift Card to Little Sister Coffee Maker


  1. Charlene from Individual/Unaffiliated
  2. Liz from Digital Health
  3. Wiebke from Winnipeg Parole Office

Essential Worker Prizes

  1. $25 Gift Card to Tall Grass Prairie Bakery
  2. $25 Gift Card to Fete Ice Cream and Coffee
  3. $25 Gift Card to Prairie Summit Shop
  4. $25 Gift Card to GORP
  5. $25 Gift Card to Little Tree Hugger Soap Co.
  6. $25 Gift Card to Little Brown Jug


  1. Dale from Access Fort Garry
  2. Toni from Northern Health Region
  3. Joe Anne from City of Winnipeg
  4. Marly from River Heights School
  5. Ian from the Province of Manitoba Employees
  6. Roberta from Red River College

Telecommuting Prizes 

  1. $25 Gift Card to Verde Plant Design
  2. $25 Gift Card to Spice World
  3. $25 Gift Card to Eadha Bread
  4. $25 Gift Card to Pollock’s Hardware
  5. $25 Gift Card to Prairie Sky Books


  1. Michael from Digital Health, Shared Health
  2. Amanda from ft3
  3. Nikolas from Crosier Kilgour and Partners
  4. Lisa  from IG Wealth Management
  5. Jessica from City of Winnipeg

Walking Warrior Prizes

  1. $25 Gift Card to Shoe Doctor
  2. $25 Gift Card to Verde Juice Bar
  3. $25 Gift Card to Organic Planet Workers Co-Op
  4. $25 Gift Card to Humboldt’s Legacy


  1. John from Assiniboine Park Conservancy
  2. Valerie from WRHA
  3. Jennifer from St.Amant
  4. Nathalie from St.Amant

Cycling Superstar Prizes

  1. $25 Gift Card to Natural Cycle
  2. $25 Gift Card to Wilderness Supply Co.
  3. $25 Gift Card to White Pine Bicycle Co.
  4. $25 Gift Card to Cranked Energy


  1. Shelley from Access Fort Garry
  2. Gallagher from the City of Winnipeg
  3. Roy from Province of Manitoba Employees
  4. Anna from the University of Manitoba Students’ Union

Transit Trooper Prizes 

  1. $25 Gift Card to McNally Robinson
  2. $25 Gift Card to Bee Project Apiaries
  3. $25 Gift Card to Wolseley Kombucha


  1. Maritess from Opportunities for Employment Inc.
  2. Belhen from City of Winnipeg
  3. Valeria from Immigrant Centre Manitoba Inc.

GoManitoba Prizes

  1. $50 Driving Credit to Peg City Car Co-Op
  2. $50 Gift Card to Stardust Drive-in Morden or Big Island Drive-in Flin-Flon or Shamrock Drive-in Killarney
  3. $25 Gift Card to Across the Board


  1. Eva from the City of Winnipeg
  2. Adam
  3. Adam from ft3

Social Media Mogul Prizes

  1. $25 Gift Card to Black Market Provisions
  2. $25 Gift Card to Northlore
  3. $25 Gift Card to Shop Take Care
  4. $25 Gift Card to The Forks
  5. $25 Gift Card to Roughage Eatery


  1. Diane Brine for this cycling selfie
  2. Susan Ainley for this beautiful photo series
  3. Olsen Jarvis for this cycling selfie
  4. Kelly-Anne for this telecommuting photo (great co-worker!)
  5. Christina Bishop for this great post

Bonus Manitoba-Wide Prizes

1 of 5 available $25 Gift Cards to Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza OR a local business of your choice (if gift cards can be purchased online)


  1. Tina from Brandon
  2. Shelagh from Thompson
  3. Lana from Gillam
  4. Eric from Selkirk
  5. Nicole from Thompson

Participation Prizes

  1. $25 Gift Card to Generation Green
  2. $25 Gift Card to Chaeban Ice Cream
  3. $25 Gift Card to St. Leon Gardens
  4. $25 Gift Card to Fortify
  5. $25 Gift Card to Sage Garden Greenhouse


  1. Amanda from The Manitoba Museum
  2. Ariane from Manitoba Hydro
  3. Goretti from Assiniboine Credit Union 
  4. Michael from City of Winnipeg 
  5. Hannah from City of Winnipeg

Sweet Treat Participation Prizes


  • Carrie from Manitoba Council for International Cooperation
  • Le from Individual/No Affiliation
  • Darcie from Province of Manitoba Employees 
  • Paige from Health Sciences Centre
  • Selena from Assiniboine Park Conservancy
  • Paul from Crosier Kilgour and Partners
  • Tracy from Individual/No Affiliation
  • Denise from Individual/No Affiliation 
  • Yachar from Immigrant Centre Manitoba Inc.
  • Cassandra from Individual/No Affiliation

Workplace Prizes

  1. Complimentary Sustainable Transportation Presentation (Virtual) OR complimentary Bike Blender Rental from Green Action Centre
  2. $50 Gift Card to Shelmerdine Garden Centre for some new office plants


  1. Canada Life – Canada Vie
  2. Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Prize Details

If any prize is not suitable based on a winner’s location, we are happy to provide a gift card of equal value to a local business in the prize winner’s community. All prizes will be distributed via email or by mail to ensure the health and safety of our employees and participants.

Winners will be contacted via email shortly. If you see your name listed and haven’t heard from us in a few days, feel free to shoot us an email!

Participant Survey

Whether you’re a first time participant or a long-time challenger, we’re so happy you joined us this year. Sharing your feedback is valuable to Green Action Centre, helping us to improve this event in the future.

Those who complete the Participant Survey before Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 will be entered to win a $25 MEC E-Gift Card!

Thank you to our funders and sponsors: