We are excited to invite you to a Depave Paradise Event at Rossbrook House!

Join us on Saturday, July 9th, 2022 at 9am for a unique and fulfilling event. Rossbrook House and Green Action Centre have teamed up with Depave Paradise project to remove the concrete in front of Rossbrook House. The end result will create a beautiful new greenspace called Maamaa-Ahki Gizaagi-igoo: Mother Earth, We Love You. 

Why should you do a Depave Project?

Unfortunately, not all neighbourhoods have the same access to quality greenspaces. Besides, all over cities we find unnecessary hard surfaces, such as asphalt parking lots and unwelcoming buildings entrances, that interrupt the natural water cycle by preventing rainwater from soaking into the ground. They also create heat sinks, warming up our city. By removing pavement and replacing it with native plants, trees and shrubs we increase infiltration of rain into soils, and reduce flood and combined sewer overflow risk. We also cool and beautify our community, increase well-being, and encourage outdoor activities. 

Depaving makes a difference

“Every scrap of earth is precious, and we are standing on sacred Treaty 1 territory,” said Phil Chiappetta, Executive Director of Rossbrook House. “We cannot thank the Green Action Centre and The Winnipeg Foundation enough for making our Depave Paradise project possible.”

The beautiful new green space will not only be enjoyed by the young people who drop-in to Rossbrook House but by our neighbours, as well. There will be new spaces for anyone to rest or admire the plants as they walk past.
“The community is our main reason for doing this project. We want to bring nature back into this urban area. There are many benefits of depaving spaces: it reduces the heat island effect, it helps to drain storm water, it provides biodiversity and beauty in a place where the community comes together. Ultimately, this is a project by and for the community,” said Josep Seras Gubert, Sustainability Projects Coordinator from Green Action Centre.

What to expect

We will be meeting at 9:00am in Front of Rossbrook House, located at 658 Ross Avenue. The depaving will begin at 09:00am after some opening statements, acknowledgements, and a safety tutorial. Depaving activities will include:

  • Removing concrete with shovels/pry bars
  • Placing removed concrete in wheelbarrows
  • Putting concrete in drop boxes


What to bring

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Steel toed shoes/boots (if you don’t have anything steel toed, bring closed shoes and we’ll have steel toe caps for you)
  • Long pants
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses/hat

We hope to see you there!