Registration is now open for Commuter Challenge 2023! Scroll Below for steps to help you sign up

Get Started!

This year’s challenge runs from June 4-10. Simply register as part of your workplace or as an individual and log your sustainable trips throughout the week.


Why Should you Participate?

There are a couple reasons to consider signing up by yourself or with you workplace:

It has a positive impact on the environment! 

Transportation is the leading source of Greenhouse Gas emissions in Winnipeg, specifically personal vehicles. Switching from a personal vehicle to a method of sustainable transportation  reduces your greenhouse gas emissions, even if you start off only trying it once or twice a week.

It is good for your mental health!  

Getting stuck in traffic on the commute home can be exhausting and make your day feel longer, but leaning back to read a book on the bus, walking home in the sunshine or having a bike ride in the fresh air can help you decompress after a day of work, school or errand running. This can increase affect office moral If you are participating with your workplace. Even carpooling can make a boring drive more interesting by having time to chat with your coworkers.

It’s more affordable! 

Gas is expensive! You might even save a buck participating in this challenge for one week!

It’s fun! 

It may have challenge in the name, but it is supposed to be fun, this is a time to try something new! Plus, you can win prizes simply by participating!


How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy, you just have to know how you would like to participate.

Register your workplace here!

(Only sign your workplace up if you are the workplace coordinator, otherwise it may be done twice)

Register as an individual/part of the workplace here!


Step 1. Sign up your workplace. We will send you a confirmation email that contains a unique URL that you can send out to coworkers/employees so they can sign up their individual profiles. 

Step 2. Sign up as an individual on your workplace team. Make sure you select your workplace.

Step 3. If you wish to participate on your own, without your workplace or another team, you may sign up through the employee portal and select individual/no affiliation


Please Note: You may register with a team that is outside of a workplace if you prefer to sign up with friends, however it is best to give it a very distinct name so people do not mix you up with a workplace team.


Log your Kilometers here!

Use this document with steps to sign up if you need help! 


Log your Kilometers on GoManitoba and unlock an extra prize category. Manitoba provides bike routes, bus routes and walking routes or use it to match with carpool drivers. Sign up here!

Local Prizes

Commuter Challenge participants are entered to win prizes simply by logging their kilometers. This year, since many people are heading back to work, we have created more prize categories based on participating rather than competition. For registered workplaces, there will still be a competitive prize category based on the percentage of employees participating. Keep an eye out for our prize announcement blog post.


Commuter Challenge comes at busy time of year. It is National Environment week in Canada, Monday the 5th is Bike to Work Day in Winnipeg, and Clean Air Day falls on June 7th. We have a few events happening to celebrate all of these wonderful days.

Clean Air Day 

Stay Tuned!

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