What is Depave Paradise? 

Depave Paradise is an initiative of Green Communities Canada coordinated locally by Green Action Centre where community members come together to tear up unused pavement and create green spaces.

Why should you do a Depave project?

Unfortunately, not all neighbourhoods have the same access to quality greenspaces. Besides, all over cities we find unnecessary hard surfaces, such as asphalt parking lots and unwelcoming buildings entrances, that interrupt the natural water cycle by preventing rainwater from soaking into the ground. They also create heat sinks, warming up our city.

By removing pavement and replacing it with native plants, trees and shrubs we increase infiltration of rain into soils, and reduce flood and combined sewer overflow risk. We also cool and beautify our community, increase well-being, and encourage outdoor activities. 

Depaving makes a difference 

Green Action Centre is committed to making new connections within Winnipeg neighbourhoods to identify high impact sites, draw on local creativity to envision new spaces, and engage volunteers to get our hands dirty.

Depaving not only draws the public’s attention to urban water issues, but also encourages the community to take climate action while creating a more equitable distribution of natural and attractive spaces for all. 

Community organizations and volunteers across the country have reimagined beautiful green spaces that everyone can enjoy – 54 events in 23 cities resulted in the depaving of 9,652 m2!

Depaving makes people happy!

“I enjoyed the community cohesion, everyone helping to improve our environment. Depaving improves water drainage, takes some of the burden off the municipal infrastructure and once planted, brings beauty and a sense of pride to our neighbourhood. ” Erin Shacklette – Kenilworth 

“Depave Paradise transforms a space, but it transforms people too – how we think about spaces in our community. Now we feel like anything is possible, and can see spaces to depave everywhere.” Heather Ray – Peterborough 

Do you know a spot that needs depaving? Contact us to learn more about how to organize a Depave Paradise event in your neighbourhood.