WINNIPEG – Manitoba’s Climate Action Team (CAT), a newly formed coalition of community organizations, is hosting their first day of free talks and workshops about climate action during the Peg City Climate Jam. The event is Saturday, February 8 at the University of Winnipeg’s Richardson College for the Environment.

“People are coming together this weekend to engage on what climate action in Manitoba looks like, to build a community and affirm that no matter what we’re going to handle this climate emergency,” said Molly McCracken, director of Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba.

Featured presenters include Clayton Thomas Mueller of, Geraldine McMannis from the Spirit of the Buffalo Camp and Dr Ian Mauro of the Prairie Climate Centre. There are 10 hands-on workshops and talks being offered as part of this first climate jam, covering broad categories like food, shelter, transportation, nature and community.

“Climate change affects all facets of our lives and we need to engage, educate and empower Manitobans to take climate action,” said Wilderness and Water Campaigner Eric Reder. “Our early registration for the event is already full and that clearly shows Manitobans care and expect action.”

CAT was formed after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report late last year stating we have just over 12 years to drastically cut our greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize global warming. The goal is to avoid exceeding a 1.5°C rise above pre-industrial levels. The IPCC report calls on civil society and local communities to act on climate.

“Policy to act on climate, including the phase-out of fossil fuels, is simply not happening fast enough from any level of government,” said Reder. “People know we have a climate emergency and are anxious for action. Together we will build the movement to a zero-carbon future through events like this climate jam.”

CAT’s mission is to provide a framework for individuals to collaborate on a specific, nonpartisan path for Manitoba to achieve resilience to climate impacts and eliminate greenhouse gas emission. It includes Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba, Wilderness Committee, Green Action Centre, Climate Change Connection, Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition, University of Winnipeg Sustainability Office, Prairie Climate Centre, Transition Winnipeg and the Manitoba Eco-network.

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Note: Officially, the event is sold out. But please feel free to attend the event at 8:30 AM. Registered attendees will get priority in signing up for their preferred workshops, at which point unregistered attendees will be allowed to make their choices. Don’t worry, Manitoba’s Climate Action Team will be doing more events like this one throughout the year!