September 27th is the Global General Strike for Climate Action, mobilizing millions of people from all around the world to walk out of their workplaces and homes to rally for a future.

You may have heard of Fridays For Future, a global movement initiated by Greta Thunberg, where students opted to skip class in order to protest the impending climate crisis. This time around, the youth are calling on us to stand alongside them for what’s expected to be one of the largest mass mobilizations in human history.

In our province, a group called Manitoba Youth for Climate Action has been the spearhead of the movement. They have organized a week of actions, running September 20th-27th. 

Student Die-In: Friday, September 20th, 1-3 pm at Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Pop-Up Actions: September 21st – 26th, throughout Winnipeg with actions connected to the seven demands. Follow along with Manitoba Youth for Climate Action on social media for updates.

Global Climate Strike: Friday, September 27th, 12-5 pm at the Manitoba Legislative Building

They ask that the City of Winnipeg joins other Canadian cities in declaring a climate emergency, in addition to advocating for Climate Strike Canada’s Seven Demands, as follows:

    1. Bold Emissions Reductions Targets: Legislate greenhouse gas emission reductions of 65% by 2030, reaching net zero emissions by 2040.
    2. Separation of Oil and State: Reject all new fossil fuel extraction or transportation projects, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, and price pollution.
    3. A Just Transition: Transition to renewable energy and sustainable transportation infrastructure while guaranteeing opportunity for fossil fuel workers in the new economy.
    4. Environmental Rights: Enshrine in law the fundamental right to a healthy environment. This would include, but is not limited to, the right to safe air, clean water, and healthy soil.
    5. Indigenous Rights: Commit to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in full.
    6. Conservation of Biodiversity: Maintain and protect old growth forests, restore cut blocks, reduce habitat fragmentation and strengthen the protection of at risk species.
    7. Protection for Vulnerable Groups: Recognize Canada’s disproportionate role in the climate crisis and subsequent responsibility for the protection of the most vulnerable. Include the addition of climate displacement as a basis for refugee status. Provide climate aid to lower and middle-income countries, as well as Arctic Canada, which disproportionately experience the impacts of the climate crisis.

The green circle is a symbol of the climate strike. Wearing the green circle pin shows that you support climate action and is a great way to start the conversation on climate. Pins can easily be made at home or picked up at any MEJC or MB Youth For Climate Action event. By wearing the pin, you have joined the movement!


A Message from Tracy Hucul,  Executive Director of Green Action Centre:

“The global strike for Climate Action is September 27th and youth have urged adults to join them. We need a movement and for everyone who actually cares to be there to show that we believe climate change is real, and that there’s still time to do something about it. But not much time. Please join me, all of our staff from Green Action Centre, and other businesses, as we stand beside the youth and help amplify their voice. If not now, when? It’s your house too.“

Green Action Centre encourages businesses, schools, and individuals to come out and join the climate strike on September 27th, 2019. There is no better time than now. 

General Strike! for Climate Action September 27th Graphic

For more information, please visit  Manitoba Youth For Climate Action 

Not in Winnipeg? Find a strike near you or consider organizing one of your own.