A school street is a road in front of a school that is made into a walk and bike path. The street is blocked to vehicles, creating space for students and parents who are walking, biking and rolling to get to school safely.

Green Action Centre is thrilled to pilot School Streets at Isaac Brock School this September, in collaboration with the City of Winnipeg and the Winnipeg School Division.  


About School Streets

School streets support children’s health and safety by proactively addressing road safety issues, increasing daily physical activity for kids, and encouraging healthy independence. In addition, the street closures reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and noise pollution. The result is a safer, healthier and more enjoyable environment for everyone in the school community.

School Streets also function as an important component of a COVID-19 response plan, and are an innovative way to provide additional space for students, parents and teachers to physical distance at the start and end of the school day. They have been adopted at elementary schools across as an added measure be able to keep schools open while also keeping communities safe and healthy.

School Street Benefits

1. COVID-19 Response
The School Street is an important component of Isaac Brock’s COVID-19 response plan. This is an innovative way to provide space for students, parents and teachers to physical distance to keep the school community safe and healthy. 
2. Safety
Traffic volumes and unsafe driver behaviours around schools continue to cause safety risks for students. The 2018 school safety assessment showed risky and dangerous driving behaviours on streets in front of schools. Removing vehicle traffic will provide a safe haven for students in their final block to school.
3. Healthy Lifestyles
Canadian Children received a D+ for overall daily physical activity in the 2020 ParctipACTION Report Card. Due to Covid-19 response measures, daily physical activity has dropped further. School streets can increase physical activity, through active school travel and a chance to play outside before the bell.
4. Independent Mobility
School streets allow for children to be independent, an important aspect of children’s development and emotional well-being.
5. Improved neighbourhood environment
School streets reduce air and noise pollution, resulting in a more pleasant environment and neighbourhood.

Isaac Brock School Street Pilot

School Streets will be piloted at Isaac Brock School this September. Barratt Avenue will be closed to vehicles from 8:30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, starting September 8, 2020.  

Full road closure 8:30am – 9am and 3:15pm – 3:45pm
Local traffic permitted 9am – 3pm. 

Drop-off and Pick-up by vehicle: on Spruce and Clifton. Please use the Stop, Drop & Go zone on Spruce to help reduce traffic congestion

School buses: School buses will continue to load on Barratt Ave

Emergency and Local Traffic: Local residential traffic and emergency vehicles will be permitted. 

Barratt On-Street Parking: No parking on Barratt from 8am – 9am, and 3pm – 4pm.
1hr parking provided from 9am – 3pm. 

Mid-day student pick ups: Local traffic is permitted from 9am – 3pm. 

Check out the pilot project overview for more details. 


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