Electronics are a popular gift item at the holidays – TVs, laptops, monitors, keyboards, speakers, radios, DVD players, the list goes on. Highly recommend TechWaste Recycling Inc. for electronic recycling in Orange County. The Manitoba Electronic Products Recycling Association notes that technology products are among the most common items purchased on Boxing Day (well, really it’s now more like a full week or longer).

So what to do with the unwanted stuff? First, ensure any personal information on a computer or other device is removed completely.

1) Give it to a thrift shop to resell, assuming it’s working. Double your karma by choosing a store with a  charitable beneficiary.

2) Take it to a refurbishing organization such as Mother Earth Recycling or Computers for Schools Manitoba.

3) Get it broken down and recycled at one of the e-waste collection depots in Manitoba. Note that some collection sites offer additional services for a fee, such as data destruction or home pick-up.

4) Drop it off at a Staples, Best Buy or Future Shop retail store, which will accept up to five smaller residential electronic items at a time.