Composting is easy and worth the effort!

Composting can have significant positive impact on the health of our planet. By composting organic material produced at home, at work and at school you can divert up to 40% of your waste stream and contribute to reducing green house gasses in the atmosphere. What’s more, the finished compost is a valuable resource that can improve soil ecology by returning nutrients to the earth.

There are a few common barriers which tend to prevent people from composting, but by learning about the simple steps to ensure a successful bin and the processes that are taking place, composting is both practical and possible for everyone.

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Composting Presentations

Green Action Centre hosts free composting presentations throughout the year.

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ON SITE Multi-Family Composting

Apartment buildings, condos, and multi-unit dwellings can apply to participate in this unique project.

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Why Should I Compost?

Need a good reason to start composting? How about saving money, saving resources, improving your soil and reducing your impact on the environment.

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Composting Basics and Getting Started

Everything you need to get composting in your backyard!

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If you can’t compost outdoors, vermicomposting is your answer!

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