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Our workplaces have an ecological footprint. Think of the resources consumed, the waste produced, cleaning products used, and the energy needed to run lights, heat and cool the work space, and operate equipment. Greening our workplaces has multiple benefits – reducing costs, increasing the comfort and efficiency of the work space, boosting the personal well-being of employees, reducing environmental impacts, and meeting the social responsibility goals of the business.

Some basic steps can get things off to a start.

  • At the outset, do an inventory or audit of current practices. This is useful in helping to set priorities. It provides baseline information against which to measure progress.
  • Have a plan that identifies goals, priorities, resources needed, timelines, and evaluation or measurement tools.
  • Start off small with simple changes that will build confidence in larger ones.
  • Include workplace education and awareness so that employees understand the purpose, anticipated outcomes and benefits of the program.
  • Report back frequently through e-mail, newsletters, posters or other means, so that participants are kept informed about how things are going.

Some Manitoba businesses are making an effort to be environmentally responsible as part of an overall Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability program. There are a number of reasons for this. Customers increasingly expect it, and studies show they will seek suppliers who are taking steps to curtail the environmental impact of business operations. Secondly, companies who adopt more sustainable practices typically find they save money in the process.

Check Out

Green purchasing

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Purchasing by workplaces has a huge environmental impact. Green purchasing can mean anything from recycled paper to non-toxic cleaning products to prefer local policy.

Workplace Composting


A composting program at your workplace can be a great addition to your waste reduction efforts. It is not hard to make composting a part of the way you do business.

Green meetings

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While it is is not possible to entirely avoid using energy or resources at meetings, here are some quick ideas to lesson the impact on the environment.

Active & Green Commuting

Getting to and from work can be a big part of your day. Might as well enjoy it – bike, walk, read a book on the bus, carpool with a neighbour or colleague.

Saving Energy & Money

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Reducing workplace energy use, and finding alternative sources, reduces the environmental impact of a workplace. Find practical tips here to reduce energy use and make a difference.