At School

IWTSM 2007 School Patrols crossing street 1 (fall) - Stevenson School

Parents and teachers know that what we model at school and at home is often an even more persuasive lesson than what we teach students in class. Schools around Manitoba (and elsewhere) are working to make their educational environments greener. As part of an international movement towards Education for Sustainable Development, environmental issues are being integrated more and more into curriculum materials and school operations throughout Manitoba.

Learning Green, Learning Well

Our children are naturally concerned about environmental issues and many are eager to get involved. They need help, support and reassurance that their participation can make a difference. In this section, we offer suggestions, examples and tips about how to “green” your school. There are some helpful resources here – but if you’re looking for something different, please let us know!

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Active and Safe Routes to School

Father and daughter with Rollerblades (Photo: Green Action Centre by permission)

The Active and Safe Routes to School program encourages kids to walk and bike to school. Active transportation keeps children healthy, safer, and ensures they have clean air to breathe.

School Composting


A composting program at your school can be a great addition to your waste reduction efforts. Involving the entire school community can make the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

School Travel Planning

Green Action Centre photo

School Travel Planning is an international best practice that brings together multiple community stakeholders to identify and resolve barriers to walking and biking to school.

Environmental Speakers Bureau

The Environmental Speakers Bureau offers high-interest school presentations in Winnipeg and resources for classroom teachers across Manitoba. See topics and book a presentation.