Composting is a simple, yet often overlooked method for tending to the health of our planet. By composting we can reduce the waste produced at home and collectively in landfills. The finished compost is also an essential tool in improving soil ecology by returning nutrients to the earth. There are lots of good reasons to compost.

There are a few common barriers which people perceive as reasons they are unable to compost, but by learning about the nature of composting we can find simple steps that make it possible and practical for everyone. By learning about composting we can contribute significantly to our sustainable well-being.

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Master Composter Program

MC participants turning bins - cropped

The Master Composter Program is an in-depth, hands-on composting course and volunteer program offered by Green Action Centre.

Composting Basics & Getting Started

Composting - Getting Started Composting

Composting is a great way to reduce landfill-bound waste and convert in into nutrient rich amendment for your garden, shrubs, or even your house plants. Learn the basics about how to get started today!

Composting Presentations

Composting - Compost in the garden

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Join us in celebrating International Compost Awareness Week

Vermicomposting uses Red Wriggler worms to convert food waste and organic material into a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer – worm manure! Vermicomposting is a fun and beneficial way to turn garbage into a valuable resource!


Clean Air Day – Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who came out and participated in Clean Air…

Reflections on our 30 x 30 Challenge

30 minutes in nature, every day?

Compost Winners Announced

  The Compost Winnipeg Downtown Challenge was a friendly waste diversion competition for…

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Buy Nothing Day

This year, Buy Nothing Day will take place on Friday November 28. It is an international, informal, annual event dedicated to raising awareness of over-consumption.

Waste diversion and industry

Green Action Centre’s discussion paper on the challenges and possible solutions for Winnipeg to achieve higher waste diversion rates for the ICI and C&D sectors in Manitoba (download here).

Greening Manitoba’s Budget

Green Action Centre submitted a list of proposals to the Province to make Manitoba’s economy and budget more environmentally sustainable. Read the 5 key recommendations here.

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Buy Nothing Day – Teaching Resource

Buy Nothing Day always falls on the last Friday in November, traditionally the first day of Christmas shopping. The Media Awareness Network provides a great teaching resource for Buy Nothing Day.

Composting Links

Find links on everything from where to get compost bins and supplies to where to buy your red wrigglers or how to build your own pet waste digester!