It sorta feels like we have been announcing a lot of new staff this year – but hey, we aren’t complaining. We just keep on growing, and bringing in new talent and perspectives is a great way to keep the momentum up. From our very humble beginnings in the spring of 1985, we now employ 2 dozen dedicated Manitobans. Without further ado, please join us in welcoming:

Kolton Krulicki

Compost Courier, Compost Winnipeg

Throughout his life Kolton has been into music and as he grew up he learned to play several different instruments. He also learned to produce and record my own music at a young age. Kolton was a furniture mover for the first 8 years of his adult life, ranging from local moves to international moves to NYC and beyond. He has traveled most of Canada for work, and his current goals are to travel the earth. Kolton was in Europe for almost 2 months in early 2019 and he cant wait to go back. After years of moving around, Kolton wanted to find something more aligned with his beliefs and his friend told him about an opportunity at Compost Winnipeg. He is planning on going to school in late 2019 for audio production and sound engineering. Kolton is happy to be a part of the team!


Jane RoussakJane Roussak

Living Green Living Well Coordinator

Phone: (204) 925-3777 ext. 109

Spending her childhood summers at her grandma’s datcha in rural Russia, Jane established a relationship with nature at a young age. This relationship carried through into her studies at the University of Winnipeg, where she completed a BSc in Environmental Science, focusing on the earth’s systems, resource use and extraction, as well as climate change prediction and mitigation. Stepping into the LGLW role in July of 2019, Jane hopes to raise awareness of local and widespread environmental issues and encourage environmentally conscious decision-making among Manitobans.
Jane is an avid plant lover – whether they’re in the wild, at home, grown in the garden, or in the form of natural remedies. She enjoys exploring new places on foot, practicing yoga and throwing together meals that minimize food waste.


Welcome aboard Jane and Kolton. Thanks for sharing your stories and helping us spread Green Living throughout Manitoba!