Green Action Centre adopts new membership policy

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Green Action Centre is your voice for advocating and educating about important environmental issues in Manitoba. We want your voice to be even stronger. To help us get there, starting July 1, there will be a $20 annual membership fee to join Green Action Centre as a member.

Why is membership policy changing?

An annual membership fee will encourage members to be more involved in the organization by offering a token of commitment to the organization. It will help us provide better communications to our membership base.

Can I receive the newsletter without being a member?

Yes! One reason we are making this change is because some people wanted to receive information from Green Action Centre, but did not know us well enough to sign up as members. We are creating a new category of supporters that everyone is free to join. We will continue to provide all the same benefits we have always provided, including our biweekly newsletter and invitations to events and workshops to our growing list of list of supporters. It will continue to be free to be a supporter of Green Action Centre.

Who should become a member?

Members of Green Action Centre not only will pay a $20 membership fee and will also be asked to support the mission and principles of Green Action Centre. Anyone can join Green Action Centre as a supporter, volunteer or donate to Green Action Centre, but only members can serve on the Board of Directors or vote at the AGM.

What are the benefits of membership?

Green Action Centre is a grassroots environmental organization working for practical solutions to the environmental problems you care about. By signing up as a member, you are joining with like-minded Manitobans for environmental and sustainable change. Members can vote at our AGM and serve on the board. Year round, we will work for you and the issues you care about like active transportation, waste reduction, environmental education and greener living.

What if I already donate to Green Action Centre?

Green Action Centre will continue to need your support year round. The membership fee will help cover member communications, costs for the AGM and other incidental expenses. We encourage you to donate to Green Action Centre whatever you can afford to help make Manitoba a green and sustainable place to live.

Are membership fees tax deductable?

At this time, we are not offering tax receipts for membership fees. All other donations over $10 continue to be eligible for tax deductions.

What if I can’t afford to pay a membership fee?

We have set the annual fee low so as not to be a barrier for most Manitobans. However, if you cannot afford the fee, please contact the membership coordinator for alternate arrangements. Fees can be waived or volunteer hours performed instead.

For further details about the membership policy, please contact the membership coordinator.