Green Action Centre would like to cordially welcome the newest members of our Master Composter Network. 16 inspiring people have just completed our 12 hour intensive Master Composter course. They are now fully equipped to go out into the world and spread the word about the benefits of composting. For almost 10 consecutive years, Green Action Centre has been offering a Master Composter course to anyone interested in learning more about the miracles of microbes and decomposition. Click here to receive a notification of our next Master Composter Course

As this was the first time that I helped to facilitate the course, I was a student and a teacher. We worked to build a course that would both inspire and inform. For me, inspiration starts from the heart and the best way to your heart is through your stomach. With the help from our volunteers, each evening a locally inspired snack was served. As a local non-profit, Green Action Centre supports local responsible entrepreneurship. We are a member of the Canadian CED Network in Manitoba and believe that sustainability starts with sustainable communities. Tall Grass Prairie, Crampton’s, The Greek Market, Fort Whyte Alive, The Forks Market, Sweet C Bakery were among the local food producers that were showcased to the Master Composter crew for this course. The goal here was to support these small businesses while at the same time inspiring each other for a more sustainable lifestyle. With happy tummy’s we became masters.

Composting, as I am learning every day is easy however, its integration into our minds and hearts as the right thing to do is complex indeed. We learned about soil health and the multitude of nutrients that finished compost can bring to a garden. Through a microscope, we saw living organisms scurry around and work to break down our food. Our hands got dirty as we discovered the habits of Red Wiggler worms, the miracle workers of a vermi-bin. Finally, we explored some of the cultural and behavioral barriers that stop Manitobans from keeping up with other provinces in waste diversion.

The course continued with a glorious afternoon spent outdoors at the Riverview Community Garden. As the last of the summer heat beat down on us, we smelled, touched and observed different stages of compost. We dug into a community compost and share our visions for a growing composting movement.

A special thanks goes out to our volunteer speakers and helpers.  Dave, Jolene, Fernand and Bruce shared their experience and expertise in composting topics.  Shayla, Addis and Pat volunteered their time to help the course run smoothly. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!

The network has been created, the people have met and shared their stories. May you all go out and spread the word, teach others and inspire for change. Thank you to all of you for your energy and creativity, stay connected!