Recycling is an effective way to reduce waste and begin creating a greener workplace. Whether your workplace is a retail store, an office, a daycare or a hair salon, your actions will make a difference.

To get started on office recycling, here are seven simple steps:

  1. Identify an office recycling program co-ordinator.
  2. Arrange for pick-up of the materials to be collected.
  3. Get recycling bins.
  4. Place the bins in accessible locations.
  5. Label bins clearly.
  6. Launch the program.
  7. Keep momentum through feedback and incentives.

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Other Considerations

  • Remember that the most effective recycling program is one that considers all four Rs – Rethink, Reduce, Re-use, and then Recycle, in that order. Composting in the workplace is another excellent way to reduce waste. Check out Compost Winnipeg‘s organic waste pick-up service.
  • Recycling programs and options vary between communities. In Winnipeg, for example, the municipal recycling program includes single-family residences and multi-family buildings but not business or commercial establishments. Building owners and business managers need to make their own arrangements with recyclers for the collection of recyclable materials.
  • Don’t forget the importance of workplace education, so that employees know what can be recycled in the workplace and where to put it so that it does get recycled.
  • To close the recycling loop, purchase and use products that are made with post-consumer recycled content, rather than new materials.

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