Starting Monday, June 26th, St. Pierre-Jolys and the RM of De Salaberry will be picking up organic material from residents. We aren’t just talking the typical leaf and yard waste that many Manitoban municipalities already collect, but they will be also collecting food waste! St. Pierre and RM de la Salaberry residents will see their garbage dramatically reduced since the composting program will collect a whole host of organic materials such as meat, dairy and oily foods, things that aren’t recommended for backyard compost bins. This new initiative will also make it easy for the region’s restaurants, food markets and institutions to also compost.

Important partners to this exciting initiative are CDEM and Compo-Stages Manitoba Services Co-op. The Co-op will use their newly acquired state-of-the-art windrow turner to aerate the compost materials collected by the town and municipality.

Another municipality that has collected food waste from residents is Brandon, which last year piloted a curbside composting program with 500 households. The pilot was so successful that they are planning to continue and expand!