After a few months of questioning whether hosting the annual Omand’s Creek Cleanup was feasible, it finally happened on one of the last sunny days of August.

A big thank you goes to Cadillac Fairview for partnering with us to put on another successful cleanup, as well as Take Pride Winnipeg for helping with the supplies to make the cleanup possible. And of course, thank you to the many lovely volunteers who took time out of their Saturday to help make our city a cleaner place.

Together with the CF Polo Park team and a group of Eco-loving volunteers, we were able to collect numerous bags of garbage and recycling, leaving the area around the creek north of Portage Avenue much cleaner.

We had a volunteer from Green Action Centre collecting the bags with a bicycle and trailer as well as a volunteer from our social enterprise, Compost Winnipeg, collecting with a pickup truck. There were multiple loads of trash including numerous bags of single use plastics, takeout trash, and pandemic related waste.

Remember! Reduction is key. How can you reduce our waste in the first place? And if you do end up with waste that’s not possible to reuse, always dispose of it properly. If there isn’t a trash bin nearby, hang onto it until you can find one.

We all share this city and this planet, and we should all work together to take care of it.

group with tent at omand's