Recycling in Manitoba

The Government of Manitoba has chosen an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
approach that engages industry to properly dispose of, manage and recycle designated
waste products.

Manitoba has established 12 programs to recycle:

  • Used oil and antifreeze, oil filters, and containers
  • Scrap vehicle tires
  • Beverage containers
  • Packaging and printed paper
  • Farm chemical containers
  • Single-use and rechargeable batteries
  • Lead-acid batteries
  • Mercury thermostats
  • Medications
  • Electronic equipment
  • Cell phones
  • Household hazardous waste

These programs are managed by a network of Producer Responsibility Organizations, which are non-profit, industry-operated stewardship organizations.

This toolkit focuses on 8 of the 12 Producer Responsibility Organizations. They deal with the types of recyclable materials your community is most likely to start collecting.

For simplicity, they are referred to as ‘industry recycling organizations’ throughout this toolkit. For general information on all 12 organizations, visit: