Environmental actions – including waste reduction – have multiple benefits for businesses. Just consider. Not only can you reduce the environmental impact of your operations, you can also save money, increase the comfort and efficiency of the workplace, boost the morale and well-being of employees, and increase customer loyalty through a public commitment to sustainability.

Check out the Waste Reduction Week Business Resource Kit for great ideas and information including tips on conducting a business waste audit. Use the press release template to create and send out a press release to let Manitoba know that your business is participating in Waste Reduction Week.

Waste Reduction Week Ideas for Businesses

  • Post the Waste Reduction Week poster in the entrance to your business beside your Waste Reduction week Proclamation. Contact Green Action Centre to arrange to get posters.
  • If you are a retailer, use Waste Reduction Week to promote resource-conserving products such as composters, re-usable mugs and water bottles, low-flow showerheads, mulching lawnmowers, organic foods, local products, bicycles, and other environmentally friendly goods.
  • In the office, start good-on-one-side paper banks to increase the value of your expenditures on paper. Use the saved paper for draft copies, notes or message pads.
  • Start a recycling program for your office, shipping and receiving room, staff room, and customer service areas.
  • Install energy-efficient fluorescent lights. They pay for themselves many times over through lower energy bills. Programmable electronic thermostats will help reduce heating/air conditioning during non-business hours.
  • Promote sustainable commuting practices by contributing to bus passes for staff, organizing car-pools, installing a secure bike lock-up, or awarding prizes to the greenest commuters.
  • At staff meetings and special events, use re-usable serviceware — glasses, cups, plates and cutlery in order to avoid the waste created by disposable food and beverage containers.
  • Host a speaker to give a presentation on an environmental issue to staff and/or customers.
  • Purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products for your office. Look for EcoLogo certification and check out our Greener Cleaning page for recipes and available alternatives.
  • Conserve trees! Buy 100 per cent recycled copy paper and do all printing and photocopying double-sided.
  • Turn off all unnecessary lights, computer and equipment at the end of the day. Check out Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart for Business program for practical help and more great energy-saving ideas.
  • Make a commitment to practice waste reduction, pollution prevention and resource conservation all year round!