For more information about local, organic and sustainable food choices in Manitoba, visit these sites.

Food Matters Manitoba
A very informative site focusing on healthy, fair and sustainable food for everyone and the home of the Manitoba Food Charter.

Organic Food Council of Manitoba
As a chapter of Canadian Organic Growers (COG), this website offers resources about organics, acknowledges the organic opportunities in Manitoba and announces related news and events.

100 Mile Manitoba
A local site encouraging Manitobans to eat food grown and transported within 100 miles from the dinner table. It also includes local stores and farms to go to in order to achieve this goal.

Harvest Moon Society
As a grassroots organization, they focus on linking rural and urban centres, encouraging a sustainable community and environment and educating the public.

Winnipeg Vegetarian Association
Formed in 1993, this non-profit group promotes vegetarianism in Winnipeg with social and educational activities. By becoming a member, there are a variety of benefits and information provided to those who are or are interested in vegetarianism.

St Vital Community Food Assessment

With a focus on the St. Vital area of Winnipeg, a detailed look into the role of food in this community is examined and how to bring better food security and healthier food to families.

Soup Bee
A non-profit group supported by the West Broadway Development Corporation, they promote local producers, provide jobs in the downtown core and strive for food security while reducing the carbon footprint. Soups are made each week and can be bought and delivered around the city.

Fresh Option Organic Delivery
The hub of the local fresh and sustainable food system in Manitoba, they deliver groceries to clients who want a food source they can trust.

Eat It
Winnipeg’s 1st and only online organic store, Eat It offers hundreds of organic foods and products available for delivery or pick-up.