by Marissa Borgford, Green Action Centre Volunteer


Just because it is cold out, doesn’t mean your child should stop walking to school. Even though the cold weather can be daunting, bundling up will keep them warm while still allowing them to travel actively to school.

When dressing your child for the cold weather it is important that they wear a warm jacket, and have their hands and head covered. Warm, waterproof boots will also keep feet warm and dry. On cold, windy days wearing a scarf will help to keep the wind off their face and combat the dreaded winter chill. Also, it is a good idea to pack extra mittens and socks (two articles of clothing that frequently get wet) in order to ensure the walk home isn‘t a cold one. For winter walking, dressing safe is also important. Dressing your child in bright and reflective snow gear will make sure they are seen on their walk to school.

As a final piece of advice, after snowfall some sidewalks take a long time to be shovelled or for a path to be packed down. In preparation for this, it may be a good idea to take a “test run” walking to school to figure out the best after-snowfall route. While a longer route to school may be needed, it will probably take less time than would be needed for trudging through the fresh, deep snow.