How we get around Winnipeg is a hot topic for most people. Mainly because we all do it! Bus, bike, walk, drive, carpool.

What would you like to see happen in the next 20 years in Winnipeg? More cycling infrastructure? Rapid transit? A policy for Complete Streets? Pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods?

What Green Action Centre recommends

We recognize that the City of Winnipeg is moving into new territory with a ‘holistic’ approach to land use and transportation planning that will fit within the framework of OurWinnipeg, the City’s 25 year vision. It represents an exciting, albeit challenging, shift from the past and, specifically, from an autocentric approach to planning and development.

To assist in the process, Green Action Centre, in addition to sitting on the City’s Advisory Committee for development of the Transportation Master Plan, has submitted a number of recommendations. For one thing, we believe that continuing to build more and wider roads is not the answer. The new plan should aim to reduce the number of single occupant vehicles on the road by expanding eco-friendly travel options for Winnipeggers. We are calling for practical improvements that will make it possible for people to walk, bike, ride the bus, carpool and carshare for more of their trips – conveniently, safely and economically.

We are urging rapid transit, school travel planning, separate facilities for different travel modes, a complete streets approach, priority snow clearing on designated pedestrian and cycling routes, improvements in bike commuter parking, and adoption of child-friendly transportation planning guidelines. And there’s more — all of which will make Winnipeg a greener, more inclusive and people-oriented place to live.

Read the full Green Action Centre brief – Transportation Planning for a Greener Winnipeg (PDF).