We got lucky again this year with great weather for our week of active winter fun during Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge! A total of 84 teams with anywhere from 1-5 members signed up to skate, cross-country ski, run, snowshoe, cycle and walk the week of February 9-15.

Congrats to each of the 387 participants on 84 teams who logged a combined total of 11,856 km! (See full list of teams at end.)

Walking was the most popular activity, accounting for 51% of the total km, followed by winter cycling (22%), skating (9%), running (9%), cross-country skiing (8%) and snowshoeing (1%).

Kudos to California Bound, who went far with their team total of 492.6 km. But Walk a Mile in My Shoes were close on their heels with 453.2 km.

Seven individuals completed the challenge on their own, logging a weekly personal total that ranged from 83.5 to 225.5 km!

Schools and community groups got in on the frosty action. From École Arthur Meighen School Winter Warriers in Portage la Prairie and the CBF Christian School in Swan River to the GPCI Trojans in Gilbert Plains and Team Gillam School. Oak Table Community Ministry in Winnipeg pulled together 14 teams, including the quirk-ily named Turn the TV Back ON!

Félicitations aux équipes françaises : « Bougeons et rougissons » , « Attache ta tuque! » et « Il fait frette icitte! »

Lucky draw prize winners included The “O” Girls, Frosty Tips and 30 Above. Thanks again to our prize donors – MEC, Festival du Voyageur and FortWhyte Alive!

Parks Canada Bicycles & Icicles team combined Jack Frost Challenge with Flag Day! (Photo by permission)

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Thanks to all of you who celebrated winter with us. We look forward to doing it again next year! If you had fun with Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge, be sure to check out the Commuter Challenge, taking place the week of June 2-8, 2013.

Team list

Half the fun of Bougeons en hiver: The Jack Frost Challenge! are some of the clever team names. Enjoy reading the list below (individual names have not been included).

  • 17 Wing Frosted Toques
  • 30 Above
  • 50 Below
  • Also Ran 1
  • Also Ran 2
  • Assinibrrrrrrr Credit Union
  • Attache ta tuque!
  • Bougeons et rougissons
  • California Bound
  • CBF Christian School
  • Collicut
  • Do YOUR Shoes Fit?
  • Dry Socks Rock
  • Eco MBs
  • École Arthur Meighen School Winter Warriers
  • Faster Than Ham
  • Fighting Mongooses
  • Food Matteres Manitoba
  • Footy Club
  • Frosted Tips
  • Frosty and Foxy!
  • Frosty Relations
  • GPCI Trojans
  • Happy Feet
  • Health in Common
  • Hoth-ites
  • I-toddle-Along
  • Il fait frette icitte!
  • Jack Frost and the Thunderskis
  • Jack’s Flakes
  • Jake’s Crew
  • Jambivorian Jaunts
  • Leg Work
  • MarthonCat
  • MIFDA Snowdancers
  • Moonboots
  • Natural Wanderers
  • Parka Walkers
  • Parks Canada Bicycles & Icicles
  • Pedestrian (UN)Friendly
  • Pfizer Brandon One
  • Pfizer Wellness
  • RCAF Band
  • Resolute Snow Traveler
  • Road Runners
  • Sled Dogs
  • Snow Bugs
  • Snowflake
  • St. Boniface Centurions
  • Stan Trekkers
  • Suns Out Guns Out: Winter Edition
  • TA-DA
  • Team #2 is #1!
  • Team B
  • Team Gillam School
  • Team Husky
  • The “O” Girls
  • The Stompeders
  • The Wind Breakers
  • The WRENCH
  • Think Shift
  • Toques of Royth
  • Turn the TV Back ON!
  • Walk A Mile in My Shoes
  • WindChill
  • Winter Unplugged
  • Winter Wanderers