This summer I started working downtown, only two blocks away from my mom. This makes it really easy for us to commute to work together most of the time. Our carpool time gives us the chance to connect, discussing our plans for the day and sharing our experiences from work.

This morning we decided to take transit instead of driving. My mom hasn’t taken the bus in years so it was a bit of an adventure. She noticed the new automated stop calls and displays, as well as the diamond lanes that ensured we weren’t stuck in a traffic jam. Even on the same streets we usually travel, being up higher provided a new perspective on the sights we pass everyday, but never really look at while stuck behind the wheel. There was no need to park downtown so the overall commute time was comparable and it flew by as we chatted.

Trying new forms of commuting has social as well as environmental benefits. Being able to travel with someone who regularly commutes by transit or active transportation makes it more enjoyable to try something new. If you are already an active commuter, offer to show a friend, family member, or coworker the ropes. You’ll both gain a commuting buddy and help make your trip a fun part of your day!