Calling everyone who ever cycles around Winnipeg! Now is your time to be heard.

Got a bike path that leads to nowhere? That squeezes into busy lanes of traffic? The Winnipeg Free Press has started a great initiative to identify cycling trouble spots throughout the city. Following a model used by a newspaper in Sweden, they are asking cyclists to submit photos with a description of cycling trouble spots around Winnipeg. They will add it to their interactive map at:

Each Monday, starting June 8th, the paper is featuring a specific trouble spot in more depth. This compilation by people who actually cycle these routes adds up to one big group effort to show clearly where improvements are needed.

Here are the top picks to date:

#1. Osborne Street – southbound from Osborne Bridge

The first (and top) stretch of concern goes to Osborne St. just south of the Osborne Bridge through Confusion Corner, the Osborne Underpass and continuing southbound. Read the full story and watch the video:

Cycling Osborne Underpass (photo: Bike Winnipeg)

Cycling Osborne Underpass (photo courtesy of Bike Winnipeg)

#2. Pembina Highway – 500 metre section leading into University of Manitoba and Investors Group Field

Probably doesn’t surprise many that this section of Pembina Highway came in as one of the top worst spots for those on a bike. The city would prefer that cyclists take the ‘stadium route’ using Plaza Drive instead of attempting the Bishop Grandin Overpass with its six lanes of motorized traffic. Read the full story and watch the video:–307320281.html

#3. Assiniboine Avenue to St. Vital

Trying to weave your way from the protected bike lane on Assiniboine Avenue downtown through to St. Vital demonstrates the major connectivity issues in Winnipeg’s cycling and walking network. Read the full story and watch video:

The need to address gaps in connectivity came through loud and clear in the City’s hopefully-soon-to-be-adopted-and-implemented Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies.

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For more background about this initiative, please visit: